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San Francisco, California

San Francisco, located in the north of California, is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It’s the beautiful hilly city at the tip of the peninsula, known for its iconic fog, the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, beautiful Victorian architecture, Alcatraz & Union Square. There’s so much to do in San Francisco…

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, the capital city of the U.S. state of California, is known for its diversity, the largest tree canopy is the US, historic old Sacramento, contemporary culture, sunny climate, farm-fork dining and it’s medical research facilities. What sold me on Sacramento was the weather, it’s beautiful, balmy nights, access to everything you need, the mix between old and new,…


I wasn’t always a massive jewellery fan, that changed pretty quickly when I came across Luna Skye & HLSK. Finding the right jewellery can be a challenge, however with these two brands, it became extremely easy. Simplicity or ornate beauty can be found in either of these designers lines, my personal favourite is the combination…

Wicker What!

The wicker craze is among us! You can wicker up almost anything and everything, it adds a vintage feel to any space boosting that retro/boho vibe. Wicker can be in cooperated into many stylish designs; act as a storage solution, a planter, art, lighting, fashion or you’re next DIY.

Potty Mouth

The weird and wonderful world of bathrooms, I stumbled across some crazy ideas that people use for their bathrooms, be inspired and try something quirky for you’re own bathroom or just enjoy them in their splendour!